‘Alexander Berry and Reverend Knopwood 1819-1820’
Correspondence between Alexander Berry and Reverend Robert Knopwood of Hobart
‘Alexander Berry’s letter to Edinburgh Museum 1827’
‘Diary of Captain James Wallis of the 46th Regiment 1816’ detailing the attack on Aboriginal people, ordered by Gov. Macquarie at Appin
‘Plate VIII – Sir George Mackenzie 1821’ in Mackenzie’s Illustrations of Phrenology’ published in The Edinburgh Monthly Magazine










‘Comets rallied and ready’
‘Backswimmers’ detail

‘Louis Louis Quatorze’ detail
‘Garden of strange attractors’
‘Water Ghosts’ detail







’11 Women of the Shoalhaven 1837′
‘Some time in the future’ detail
‘Storyland 2 – water rocks trees’
‘Storyland 2’ detail
‘6 views of Moeyan Hill’
‘Half a minute at Brogers Creek’ detail
‘Water Views’